The Annapolis Subaru Handyman Special

Why We Offer the Annapolis Subaru Handyman Special for Pre-Owned Vehicles

Annapolis Subaru is dedicated to meeting the needs of every customer.  We recognize that not everyone can afford the luxury of purchasing a new or certified pre-owned vehicle that is why Annapolis Subaru offers the "Handyman Special" for pre-owned vehicles.

The "Handyman Special" gives customers the affordable option of purchasing a non-certified pre-owned vehicle from our lot and making repairs to the vehicle on their own account.  "Handyman Special" Pre-owned vehicles undergo the Annapolis Subaru Used Vehicle Inspection.  This inspection informs the purchaser what issues must be addressed to pass Maryland State Inspection.  After Annapolis Subaru performs their inspection and settlement takes place the vehicle is then towed at the customers expense to the customers local address or the vehicle repair/restoration shop the purchaser designates.

Or, the purchaser may choose the option of having the Annapolis Subaru service department perform the required repairs.  If this option is selected before delivery and up to 60 days after the date of purchase, the purchaser may receive a 20% discount on the repairs.

Our comprehensive inspection is an effective way to determine the vehicle's condition and to ensure that the purchaser knows what we know about the vehicle.  We make every effort to give you a complete report, however, Annapolis Subaru cannot see inside the engine or other components of the vehicle.  While it is our goal to determine all mechanical concerns, we do not guarantee that we uncover all issues.